Surfside Student Ministry (6th – 12th grade)


Our student ministry is led by James Booth along with a team of parents, young adults, and college students. We believe that student ministry is a big deal, trust us on this one. Over the years in student ministry at Surfside we have seen crazy, amazing things happen in the lives of our teenagers! James always tells our leaders that God is doing something huge in the generation below us and we are allowed to have front row seats because of our involvement! Any of our leaders could tell you story after story of how faithful God has been to our teens. Seriously, we cannot emphasize it enough: God uses student ministry in a massive, life changing way. We are blessed at Surfside to have the opportunity to serve in this way!

Below are the student ministry programs that we offer:

Wednesday Nights – The Attic

What: Big group meeting for Middle/High School Students (6-12 grade).


When: Starting Back on September 16th, 6:30-8pm