Surfside Presbyterian Church

Surfside Beach, SC

         Surfside Presbyterian Church is a 400 member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Since its founding in 1982, the church has grown and thrived as a missions-minded, discipleship-oriented congregation.  The church is in a healthy place with a new senior pastor and a vision for being a reformed, evangelical witness on the Grand Strand of South Carolina.  The next stage of Surfside’s life as a church includes a ministry opportunity for a full-time director or pastor of worship and music.   



  1. Leadership Commitment
  • He must be actively seeking to honor Christ in his life, having devoted himself to a life worthy of his calling as a Christian. He should have an agreeable personality to work well with the senior pastor and leadership of the church.
  • He must consider himself a shepherd of God’s people through the use of his gifts.
  • He must possess the musical and personal ability to lead both accompanists and congregants in a winsome and encouraging manner.


  1. Committed to the Bible, Reformed Theology, Great Commission
  • He must be in agreement with the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is the doctrinal standard of the PCA and of Surfside Presbyterian Church.
  • He must be in agreement with the slogan of the PCA, “Faithful to the Scriptures, True to the Reformed Faith, and Obedient to the Great Commission.


  1. Committed to the Four Anchors of Worship:
  • Worship must be Biblically faithful
  • Worship must be theologically sound
  • Worship must be congregationally singable
  • Worship must be for the glory of God


  1. Committed to promoting two styles of worship at SPC.
  • Contemporary:
    1. Surfside’s contemporary service typically includes 3 to 4 praise songs drawing on the best of contemporary artists and worship leaders. While guarding against a performance orientation, this worship service has a quicker pace and appreciation for newer music and broader instrumentation.
      1. Praise ensemble: At present, our ensemble includes a keyboard or piano, at least one guitar and four vocalists.
  • Traditional:
    1. Surfside’s traditional service typically includes 4 hymns from a classical (Trinity) hymnal, led by a piano and a hymn leader. While guarding against traditionalism, this worship service promotes and appreciates the best of hymnody and our reformed heritage.
      1. Choir: At present, our 16-member choir leads the congregation in approximately two-thirds of the worship services throughout the year and is conducted by our staff musician.


  1. Ministry Responsibilities:
  • Work with Senior Pastor in planning and executing all worship services.
  • Lead in music and prayer (as requested by the Senior Pastor).
  • Recruit, develop and lead volunteer musicians and singers.
  • Coordinate with the existing staff musician.
  • Take responsibility for sound booth.
  • Actively participate in Worship Committee.
  • Responsible for weddings, funerals, other mid-week services that require music.
  • Lead mid-week rehearsal
  • Coordinate and lead music for special events


  1. Reporting Structure:
  • Report to the Senior Pastor
    • Pastor has input and final authority on song and music selection


All Resumes can be sent to Sherry Hubach at shubach@surfsidepres.com