Pastor Riddle Retirement Celebration Service

Next Sunday, April 15, we will be celebrating, with Pastor Riddle and Debbie, their many years of faithful service to our Lord, our church, and the many they have touched through Pastor Riddle’s tenure as Senior Pastor.  Please note these important details regarding this Sunday!

  •  We will have Only Two (2) services, 9:15 and 11:00. PLEASE NOTE THESE TIMES ARE DIFFERENT THAN REGULAR SERVICE TIMES.
  • The will be NO ABFs this Sunday!
  • There WILL BE Nursery and Covenant Kids classes.
  • Following each service there will be a reception in the fellowship room with sandwiches, cake, and drinks. Due to the number we anticipate this will be a standing reception. However, classrooms on the Fellowship hall will be open for your convenience.
  • We ask that you stay and fellowship, but please remember, at the conclusion of the 11:00 Service those folks will need space, so if you would, let’s make room for them by 12:15.
  • There will be a table set up for cards, etc. if you would care to bring them. However, this is completely up to you.
  • There will also be a memorial candle for all those saints who love Julian, but could not be here to celebrate with him.
We hope you will come, stay, and enjoy this beautiful time together with Pastor Riddle and Debbie.


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