SPC News – October 21, 2016

The Walls Came Tumbling Down 

This week, the wall in the sanctuary came down.  Soooo… our worship experience at SPC will be a little different.  As of today, we have no carpet, so we will be on concrete.  We have no idea how the sound and projectors will be different, so bear with us as we move forward.  On a very positive note, we expect the sanctuary to be 90% complete before next Sunday – complete with carpet, new chairs, new sound, etc.  Woo hoo!!!



Sunday Worship:  Sermon on James 3:1-12 and Communion

Please prepare your hearts for worship tomorrow as we look at what Christ has to say about the power of words, how our words are tied to our hearts, the impossibility of taming our words, and why we need the gospel to change our hearts in order to change our words.  Afterward, we will enjoy communion together with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Balcony Closed This Sunday

Speaking of bearing with us… Please take note that our balcony will be closed this week.  This is going to limit our space at the 9:45 service, so in order to create more seating at that hour, please consider joining us early at the 8:30 service or at later on at 11:15.


Church Library is no Longer Functional

On Sunday morning, you will also notice that the church library, across from the kitchen, is no longer functional.  We are tearing that room out in order to expand our narthex/foyer area.  This means that other arrangements are being made for those ABFs who meet in the library.  Thanks for your patience with us.


Chairs Arrive on Tuesday

If any men are available next Tuesday, we need help unloading our new chairs and moving them into the sanctuary.  If you can help us, please touch base this Sunday with our Facilities Director – Greg Goodnough.


Assistant Pastor Search

As the Session (the elder board) has continued to pray and seek Christ together about the need for additional staff at SPC, we have decided to renew our search for an Assistant Pastor.  This position will greatly aid our current pastors with our growing congregational needs.  Please be praying for your Session as we interview potential candidates over the next two months.


Fall Festival

Please keep your calendar open to join us on Monday, October 31 when we will hold our annual Fall Festival.  If you can help out, even better!  This is a great outreach to our community and we are excited to see how the Lord will help us to be a blessing to Surfside children and families!!


Flood Relief

As many of you know, there are still many families who have been affected by flooding after Hurricane Matthew.  The areas most affected are the Rosewood area – along the waterway behind Socastee High School; and the Conway area along the Waccamaw River.  As the waters recede, please be in prayer for those affected, and pray about how we might be able to give aid to those families who have been impacted.


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