SPC News – July 16, 2016

SPC Magazine – July 16, 2016 includes information on Officer Nominations and Expansion Project Update

submit-nominationLast Sunday for Officer Nominations: Today is the last Sunday that we will be taking officer nominations for Deacons and Elders.  If you have been nominated by someone, please turn your form in today or contact Tim Melton (tunamelton@gmail.com) if you need to turn the form in later on this week.  Thanks!!!


Building-Project13-2Expansion Update:  Many of you are asking, “When will the expansion work at the church be completed?”  Originally, we assumed that the project would be completed by the first part August.  However, over the course of the project we have encountered numerous unforeseen issues that have slowed our progress.  In addition to continually poor weather, we have dealt with:

  • a geotechnical investigation on the depth of foundation footings for the existing and new sanctuary addition
  • structural deficiency in the existing load bearing walls that support the new balcony
  • due to existing conditions, a need to redesign of the interior elevator shaft
  • hurdles with the fire suppression system in the sanctuary
  • and most recently we discovered that the kitchen floor drainage system has to be completely replaced
Kitchen Floor Drainage Replacement
Pictured: Kitchen Floor Drainage Replacement

Whew!  Those are a lot of challenges to overcome.  Yet, our builder – Ed McDowell and our site manager – Harry Litaker, continue to do an outstanding job of keeping the project moving.  As it stands, it looks like we will be finished with everything by early October.  Please continue to bear with us as we work together toward the completion of the project.

Detailed Update: The new addition is coming along.  We are presently finishing all mechanical rough-ins so that these items can be inspected. In the mean time we are finishing the interior framing and getting it inspected so that insulation and drywall can begin. In regards to the roof, we should begin installation of the blocking for the soffit and fascia so that trims can be applied and the finished roof installed. The special shape brick will be in by the end of the month and the masons are going to begin installing the foundation brick in preparation for the remainder of the brick.  The steel lintels over the opening are also being installed so that the windows can be put in before the brick work. Work is also continuing in the kitchen area and we will be resuming in the elevator shaft soon.

Detailed Pictures: To see updated pictures of construction, Click Here!

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.  – Psalm 127:1



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