Expansion Update – Sun April 10, 2016

Building-Project13-2In order to help you prepare for you worship experience tomorrow, we at SPC would like to update you where we are in our Expansion Project.



IMG_2311First of all, we would remind you of that Ed McDowell is our builder.  Long time member, Harry Litaker is working for Ed as our site manager.  To the left is a picture of those two guys hard at work.  Thanks to all the hard work provided this week by Greg Goodnough, Josh Kipp, Chris Taylor, James Booth, and all our deacons.  You guys are the best!

At this point, this is what you will see tomorrow…

1. Sanctuary Addition.  This is the major element of our expansion.  The grading has been finished and there is a large gate around the whole north side of the building where you enter the church campus.
2. Added Parking.  We are putting in parking spaces and a sidewalk around the green space beside our fellowship hall.

What it looks like on the plans. 1) The Sanctuary Addition, 2) Added Parking:

Map of SPC Expansion Project










What it looks like outside:

IMG_2309  IMG_2351







The Kitchen is being extended into the foyer office:







The Balcony wall has been removed and replaced with a temporary wall:

IMG_2879  IMG_2346






The Soundbooth has been dismantled and replaced with a temporary setup:







The Sanctuary looked like this last Wednesday, but will look like this on Sunday:

IMG_2306 IMG_2349










Soli Deo Gloria!


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