No Small Groups or Wed Night Study this Spring

Small Groups Cancelled

Surfside Presbyterian church family, as you may know, every year at SPC we normally offer spring small group bible studies that operate in concert with our preaching schedule.  However, it is with a sense of regret that we have decided that it would be best to cancel our spring small group ministry this year.  We also will not offer a mid-week Wednesday Night study as previously indicated.  There are a number of reasons why this decision needed to be made.

  1. The current spring schedule is going to be super busy, especially with making arrangements to work around the current expansion project.  Every week, our staff and church leaders will be working to help prepare for each Sunday’s worship service.  This will take an abundance of thought, prayer, communication, and work as carpet comes up, the sound booth is relocated, and the narthex and kitchen are being expanded.
  2. Pastor Riddle will be away for several days this spring on the Cuban Mission that will go out from our church on April 14.  As he is away, other staff and leaders will need to be available to help with any challenges that arise.
  3. Our sanctuary and other nearby facilities will not be available to us during the week which will also require creative thinking in order serve ministries like Campus Outreach and Bible Study Fellowship who normally use our facilities.

Please bear with us as we seek to meet the challenges ahead.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Tim at the church office or email him at –

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