SPC News – March 1, 2016

SPC Magazine – March 1, 2016 includes information on last Sunday’s ground breaking event, this Sunday’s Building Expansion Commitment Service, Elliot Woodall’s Baptism at City Church in St. Pete Florida, Joyful Noisemakers Seminar, Shirley Harvey’s Farewell Shower, Prayer List


Ground beakingGround Breaking Event, Sunday February 28, 2016 – This past Sunday we officially broke ground on the new campus additions that are coming at SPC. Pastor Riddle preached a challenging sermon on the work of Nehemiah as he was commissioned by Christ to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  As we plunged shovels into the earth outside our sanctuary, Pastor Riddle led us in a short devotional and Mr. Whit Howard led us in prayer to dedicate the project to God. We are excited to see what God has in store for us Surfside Presbyterian Church as we move into the future. If you would like to be reminded about the details of this project – Click Here!


Building-Project13-2Building Expansion Commitment Service, March 6th, 2016 – What a glorious day this coming Sunday will be!  During our worship services, we will be given a chance to give from God’s blessing to our Building Expansion project.  We want this offering to be one of great joy for what we believe God will do in the future.   Our desire is that God will move greatly in this project and that it will be a ministry of great glory to God.  You will be getting a letter from Pastor Riddle this week with more details to help you prayerfully prepare for this Sunday.

Building Expansion – Dates to Note:
Sunday, February 28 – Ground Breaking
Sunday, March 6 – First Special Offering following each service
Monday, March 7 – Building Expansion BEGINS!
Sunday, May 29 – Second Special Offering following each service
Sunday, Sept 4 – Final Special Offering following each service

“Everyone whose heart God had moved prepared to go up…”  Ezra 1:5


Elliot WoodallElliot Woodall’s Baptism – On Sunday evening, February 21, 2016, Elliot Woodall, was baptized at City Church in St. Pete Florida.  Former SPC Assistant Pastor Justin Woodall, along with wife Angie, and sons Connor and Owen, left Surfside to two years ago to plant the church in St. Pete.  There were about 50 people attending the service, which meets in a local coffee house.  Del and Pam Waldecki, and Tim and Martha Jo Melton from SPC attended the service.  In the video, you’ll notice that when Pastor Frank Taylor prepares to baptize “Elliot”, Owen stops the action to correct the pastor.  “His name is Baby Elliot” said Owen, excited that he was no longer the baby in the family.  Adorable!  Please continue to pray for the Woodalls and their awesome family.


joyful noisemakersJoyful Noisemakers Seminar, March 5We will be sponsoring an “One the Way Home” seminar with numerous speakers on Saturday, March 5 at 10AM-12:00 noon in Room #113. All are invited to attend (parents, caregivers, etc.). We will have speakers including  home care, retirement, funeral, attorney ,etc., all are invited to attend.  Reservations are not necessary but it would be helpful if you plan to attend to call Jane Gill @843-215 6933.


Chuck and ShirleyShirley Harvey’s Farewell Shower, March 7th – Shirley Harvey will be leaving Monday, March 7th  with her daughter Sherry to permanently relocate in PA. Sunday, March 6th will be her last Sunday at Surfside Presbyterian.  Along with her late husband Chuck, Shirley has had a wonderful ministry here at Surfside Church for many years of loving our people, helping with hospitality, and sending cards of encouragement to our folks. In return, we would love to shower her with many cards this week, please help us by sending her farewell wishes in a card mailed to her home address, 6647 Wisteria Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC  29588 or there will be a large basket on the counter in the church office in which you are welcome to place your cards on Wednesday night or Sunday morning.  Shirley will be truly missed by us all but we are so thankful for the years she and Chuck were able to spend with us here at Surfside Church.


banner-prayer2Prayer List:

Dudley Kruhm – patient at Grand Strand Hospital room #1336.  Dudley had successful back surgery today, to repair a fractured vertebra. (Encouragers)

Shirley Harvey – A-fib/heart shocked back into rhythm last week/Shirley will be leaving Monday, March 7th  with her daughter Sherry to permanently relocate in PA. Sunday, March 6th will be her last Sunday at Surfside Presbyterian. (Koinonia & Son Seekers)

Sherri Anderson – patient at Waccamaw Hospital, was released today (Logos)

John Hyde – at home under the care of hospice (Encouragers)

Fred Glover – at home with several medical issues (Son Seekers)

Judy Brevik – cancer (Logos ABF)

Jay Herman – prostate cancer/chemotherapy (Open Door ABF)

Les Pheulpin– rare type of liver cancer  (Son Seekers ABF)

Bob Stover – as he continues physical and speech therapy following a stroke (Encouragers ABF)

James Ferrell – pneumonia and other lung problems (Son Seekers ABF)

Ronan Angulo – (son of Chris & Katie) his journey with discovering why he cannot see/eyeshave cleared some/no surgery until a year old (Logos ABF)

Krista Harris – (daughter of Wanda Mitten) cancer/very ill at home (Truth Seekers ABF)

Aubrey Smitherman – (son of Carole Lanford) has severe heart issues/taken to hospital this past weekend (Truth Seekers ABF)

Debra Strauss – (Art & Arlene Strauss’ daughter) has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), please pray for a miracle for her healing as there is no cure at this time and only God’s great love can save her.  (Truth Seekers & Logos ABF)

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