SPC Magazine – January 15

SPC Magazine – January 15, 2016 includes information on the Teacher-Leader Study Guide, Wednesday night classes, Sunday’s Sermon, and Pee Dee Presbytery Missions Committee.


Teacher Leader Study Guide AnnouncementTeacher-Leader Study Guide – Many thanks to all our SPC teachers and leaders who attended our training session last Wednesday night.  Please remember to complete your guide with a signed covenant agreement and submit it to the church office by Sunday, January 31st.



Wedneday Night FellowshipWednesday Night Winter Night Fellowship – We would like to invite you to join us at SPC on Wednesday nights for our Winter mid-week fellowship and Bible study.  Our Winter semester will kick-off at Surfside PCA on January 20.  We will be offering some wonderful studies and events for you and your entire family.  Our evening will begin each week at 5:30 with a wonderful meal prepared by our very own Jerry Friedman and his staff.  Bible studies will begin promptly at 6:30 for Adults.  Our children’s ministry will be led by our Director Children’s Ministry, Mrs. Renee Goldfinch along with a dedicated team of volunteers who will engage our kids in teaching God’s Word.  Youth group in The Attic (6-12th grade) will be led by our youth pastor, James Booth along with our great team of youth leaders.  Listed on the below are the adult courses that are being offered:

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.09.29 PMThe Mingling of Souls, Instructor: Rev. Julian Riddle / #113 / Begins at 6:30

Facilitated by Pastor Julian Riddle, this DVD study is led by one of today’s leading Christian voices – Matt Chandler. It is brand new and one of the finest works that Pastor Riddle has seen on the subject (and he has seen a lot!). We would like to especially invite those thinking of marriage, newly married, and those who want to be stretched in their present marriage. We are confident that you will not be disappointed. This study starts promptly at 6:30 (not 7:00) so young couples can leave at 7:30 to get their young ones to bed. You will enjoy 25 minute session from Matt, who will extract beautiful truths from the Song of Solomon. These sessions will be followed up with a group discussion led by Pastor Riddle. Please be aware that Matt uses intimate references from the Song of Solomon in his teaching so that learners can achieve a full understanding of the Biblical intent. We hope you will take advantage of this excellent study!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.13.10 PMThe Gospel According to Jonah – A New Kind of Obedience, Instructor: Rev. Tim Melton / Sanctuary / Begins at 6:45

This study invites group participants into a world fraught with missteps, disobedience, idolatry, and mistaken “identity.” It’s a world most of us would recognize in our own lives. In the world of Jonah, we also get more than a foreshadowing of Jesus and a God that pursues us relentlessly. Through this study, we will recognize the “Jonah” in ourselves and see how Christ is the better Jonah, the prophet who willingly goes to his enemies to proclaim the good news of God’s self-sacrificial love.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 12.11.08 PMThe Lamb of God Seeing Jesus in Old Testament (Ladies Only), Instructor: Nancy Guthrie (DVD)

 / #116 / Begins at 6:30

This study of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy covers Israel’s emergence from slavery in Egypt, receiving God’s law at Mount Sinai, and wandering in the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land. We see Jesus pictured in the unblemished lambs who died that first Passover night, in the pillar of fire that guided God’s people, the manna that fed them, and the rock that gushed with water for them to drink. In the law of God given to Moses, we discover a picture of the only person who has ever obeyed God perfectly. In every aspect of the tabernacle, the priesthood, the laws for clean and unclean we see the way Jesus saves us and cleanses us and loves us.


LazarusSunday’s Sermon, January 17:  This Sunday we will continue our sermon series called “Don’t Follow Christ from a Distance.”  In Matthew 26:58, the scriptures tell us that when Jesus was arrested to be crucified, Peter followed Christ at a distance.  Yet, later in the gospel story, Peter is restored by Christ.  The beautiful news is that Jesus does not allow us to follow him at a distance.  He tells us that “he will not leave us as orphans, but he will come to us.”  This Sunday, we will look at the story of Lazarus.  The people had closed the tomb on Lazarus’ dead and decaying body, but not even death could keep Jesus away.  If you would like to prepare your heart for the sermon, please read John 11:38-44.


Pee Dee Presbytery Logo LandscapeNew Pee Dee Presbytery Prayer Requests:  The first meeting of our new presbytery is on Saturday January 23, 2016 @ Westminster PCA in Sumter. All who would like are encouraged to attend!

The initial Pee Dee Presbytery Missions Committee will meet at SPC this Saturday January 16, at 10am.  RE Paul Goodrich is chairing this committee.  Please pray for Paul as he leads this important ministry.

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