Teacher / Leader Training Event, January 13

Luther Rose 2

Teacher / Leader Training Event
On Wednesday, January 13, SPC will be kicking off our Wednesday night program for Spring 2016. As we look to 2016, we will be introducing our new training manual for all teachers and leaders at SPC. Here are few details about this event:


  • Everyone is invited to this event. We feel it will be an enriching time for you, even if you never plan to teach or lead at SPC.
  • If you are presently teaching in any capacity at SPC (Men or Women’s groups, Small Groups, ABFs, Youth, Children, or Preschool) or if you are leading in an ABF, we would like to strongly encourage your attendance on this evening.
  • We will start the evening with a meal with the entire church. After the meal, all current and prospective teachers and leaders will be asked to remain for the training. Again, everyone is invited to attend.
  • Pastor Tim Melton will introduce you to our new Teacher/Leader Study Guide, which is designed to help our teachers and leaders have a better understanding of our theological positions at SPC. If for some reason you are unable to attend the evening, please contact the church office so that we can make other arrangements for you.
  • For those who are presently teaching and leading an ABF, you will be asked to take the study guide home with you. After you have completed the guide, we will ask you to sign a covenant agreement at the end of the guide and submit it to the church office by Sunday, January 31st.
  • If you would like a Study Guide to preview before the event, contact Tim Melton at tunamelton@gmail.com, and he will send you a digital copy.
  • Our regular Wednesday night Studies will begin on January 20.

We hope to see all at SPC on January 13!

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