Expansion Project Update by Ricky Cox

Building-Project13-2If you missed the building expansion update on Sunday December 13th at the congregational meeting, below is a brief synopsis of the information shared.

When my wife Virginia was a little girl they would come to the beach often. When they passed Lake Busby and the Grainger steam plant in Conway her parents and even grandparents would say “PUT ON YOUR HAPPY FACE”. Because they were so close to the beach and it wouldn’t be much longer. That is where we are with this project. We are at the point where we can PUT ON OUR HAPPY FACE! It won’t be long before it begins. In recent weeks we have tweaked the site-work and parking plans and made other small changes as well.

At this point 85% of the subcontractor pricing is in. We are working on final pricing based on final architectural drawings. We will have final site work pricing within a week of receiving final Civil drawings. Those final Civil drawings will hopefully be complete and submitted to DHEC this week for permitting. That process will take approximately 60 days. We will submit for a building permit next week as well. We are looking at a March 1st start date (pending approvals). That puts us completed with the project around mid July. The total project budget including design fees is approximately $1.1 million. While we are waiting on permits we will draft and sign the contract with the builder (McDowell Construction) and release them to begin mobilization, engaging their subcontractors and finalizing the schedule and flow of work so that it has as little of an impact on the daily operations of the church as possible.

We are excited about this process and we look for the Lord’s blessing and provisions as we push forward with this project. We have approximately $372,000 remaining in reserves for the project and we have $1 million line of credit in place to fund construction. We have spent about $67,000 so far on soft costs for architectural fees, etc. Our prayer and goal is to see the Lord provide (through the congregation), the money to fund this project so that we do not owe anything once it is complete. Nothing is impossible with God and we are over 40% cash on hand for funding this project before the first shovel hits the dirt. Please consider supporting this expansion as the commencement day approaches. Thanks for many of you that have already!

PUT YOUR HAPPY FACE ON we are almost there!

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