SPC Expansion Project Update #2

Expansion Project Update, Wed May 3, 2015  Building-Project13-2
The second Expansion Project meeting was held on Wed, May 3, 2015 at 6:45pm, and was led by Pastor Riddle, Project Co-chairman Ricky Cox, and Builder Ed McDowell.  After Rev. Riddle opened with prayer, Ricky Cox introduced our project builder, Ed McDowell of McDowell Construction (to learn more about McDowell Construction click here).

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Expansion 1Expansion 2

Expansion 3Expansion 4

Expansion 5

A few notable important informational tidbits that were shared by Mr. Cox and Mr. McDowell.

  1. We anticipate that the project will cost approximately $800,000.  We have secured a $1 million line of credit to insure     the completion of the project.  In the worst case scenario, this project will be budget neutral as the payment structure will come in below what we have been putting into the building fund each month.
  2. We will have about $400,000 in hand at the end of this year – 2015.
  3. We will extend front of the sanctuary 30-40 feet and relocate visitor parking on the north end of the existing sanctuary exterior wall.
  4. A new balcony will be extended up to the side exterior doors of the sanctuary.
  5. Two rooms (a classroom and an office) will replace the current balcony.
  6. A storage room and a music room will be added to each side of the northern extension.
  7. A stair case will go up to the balcony from inside the sanctuary.
  8. An air-lock will be added to the narthex entrance to the sanctuary.
  9. The library walls will be eliminated to open up more room in the narthex.
  10. A conference room will be added on the southeastern side of the narthex.
  11. The kitchen will be extended into the current financial office with a large pantry.
  12. An elevator will be installed in the current ABF Wing.
  13. The Youth will be relocated to a temporary building across from the fellowship hall doors at the southern end of the campus.
  14. The present Youth area will be transformed into to new ABF rooms.
  15. Construction will begin immediately upon securing the needed building permits.
  16. From the day that construction begins, the project will be completed in 120 days.
  17. If all goes as planned, we will not have to relocate Sunday worship at any time during the project.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Rev. Julian Riddle asked Rev. Tim Melton to lead the congregation in singing “To God be the Glory”.  The meeting was then closed in prayer by Pastor Riddle.

Be on the look out for future updates!

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.
 – Proverbs 16:9

One comment

  1. This is a great plan of action. Thank the Lord for blessing us! The Diaconate & Session, including our Pastors, have done a great job! Thank you.


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