SPC Expansion Project Update #1

A congregational meeting was called by the Session on Sunday May 3rd at 12:30pm at SPC for the purpose of approving a proposed campus expansion project that will include:

  • enlargement of the existing sanctuary
  • enlargement of the existing narthex
  • the addition of an elevator in the education wing
  • parking improvement
  • youth ministry relocation
  • kitchen modification

The congregation was asked to consider and approve two motions:

  1. Approve a credit facility (construction line of credit) not to exceed $1,000,000, supported by a 1st mortgage against the current property, and, as members of the corporation
  2. Approve the appointment of Senior Pastor Julian Riddle as President, and current Clerk of Session Will Parker as Secretary of the corporation, for the purpose of securing signing authority with regard to any banking and construction documents.

The final congregational vote was 140-18 in favor of these two motions.

The session and diaconate of SPC are unanimously agreed around this direction and are in the process of finalizing a builder who will provide us with a concept drawing of an expansion plan.  We will have another congregational meeting very soon to announce our builder and to unveil a proposed concept drawing plan to our members. Please join us in prayer during this season as we seek to meet the needs of our church family at SPC so that we may better glorify God through gospel centered worship and ministry here in the city of Surfside and beyond.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

One comment

  1. Thank you Surfside Pres members, for the vote of confidence as we, the session, embark on this building project. I want to address those who voted against the plan. I want to say that it takes much more courage to vote “no” and go against the crowd, than it does to vote yes. I would like to hear from those that voted against funding the project. If you have legitimate concerns I want to hear about them and make sure we have taken all concerns into consideration. Please email me at eric@webercs.com, or speak to one of the other session members and voice your concerns.
    I know we shouldn’t expect to have unanimous support on any building project, but I would like to hear the objections.
    For those of you that voted yes, we thank you for your overwhelming support. The truth is, we were in a difficult spot, because we wanted to give you a clear plan, but we needed to hire a builder in order to get to that level of specificity. Your approval gives us the latitude to move forward.
    To be sure, the next step for us is to hire a builder and put a clear plan in place and then report back to you as to what that plan will look like.
    Finally, a personal word of thanks for the way you all conducted yourselves in the congregational meeting. I look forward to talking with you again, real soon, and discussing the future plans of our church.
    May God continue to bless Surfside Presbyterian Church!
    RE Eric Weber


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