King of Nations – Rev 7:1-17

Preached by Associate Pastor Tim Melton

SummaryChrist is the King of the Church, which is drawn from among all nations – every tribe, people, and language.  In Revelation 7, we see an awesome picture of the people of God who are gathered around Christ to worship him.  In this passage, we are given a picture of the magnitude of the church – a multitude beyond number – that stands before Christ in full confidence of his grace – chosen in love, clothed in white, eternally marked by the Spirit, overcoming tribulation, and preserved by God’s presence.  The church, upon seeing the majesty of Christ, also falls in humility before the King of kings – who saves whomever he wishes to save – and gives him the tribute of a robust seven-fold benediction: to you be all Blessing, Glory, Wisdom, Thanksgiving, Honor, Power, and Might!What a promise that God’s people are comforted by His presence, especially in the midst of tribulation. It is a strange mystery how Christ’s presence with his people, in their pain, works to put his glory on display and draw people, even our enemies, into a relationship with him. In some glorious way, the unbeliever can behold that…

There is no pit so deep that God’s love and forgiveness is not deeper still.” 


For more thoughts on today’s sermon please listen to:


  1. Loved this sermon. There is a blessing that goes with the book of Revelation and I think that blessing is seeing Christ as Sovereign over ALL past, present and future. Thank you Pastor Tim.


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