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A Christmas Gift for Mrs. Joyce Cushing

Christmas Party 2015We all at SPC had so much fun at the Church Christmas Party on December 17. The meal was incredible!!! Many thanks to Jerry and all his crew!!! The program was excellent!  We would like to give a huge “shout out” of thanks to James Booth, the Attic youth and leaders, and Alex Booth and his Crew of Billy Jack Johns, Mulligan, Camp Melton and Kara Booth who broke records plating the food for over 300 people. The youth group raised over $1000 in donations for missions thanks to the caring hearts of our people. A special thanks to the pit crew of Bud Shepherd, BJ and Mulligan for washing all the dishes!  Oh, and thanks to the McKees and Southside Griil for the delicious pumpkin soup! A big thank you to Crystal Ghinis and Jackie Yarborough and their wonderful helpers who ran a program for the younger children and the nursery. The entertainment provided by Chris Taylor, Avery Milz, Anna Corley, the praise band, and Tim Melton made it all especially fun and beautiful as we were led in worship of our Immanuel!!! Thanks to Tim and Joyce Smith who put the whole thing together and spent countless hours preparing and planning and decorating and agonizing over getting everything just right to make it such a special time for our church! Thanks to everyone who helped them get it ready and break it down! It was truly a beautiful evening!!!

Click here to see a video of the “12 Days of Christmas Skit”


A Christmas Gift for Mrs. Joyce Cushing

Pastor Riddle and Joyce CushingSPC provided a special Christmas blessing to Joyce Cushing from her church family.  Several months ago Joyce was in a car accident that left her without transportation.  At the church Christmas party, the Diaconate of SPC along with Joyce’s ABF, were delighted to presented with a new (pre-owned) car!  A wonderful thank you to very one who worked so hard to make this a very special night for Joyce and Surfside Presbyterian Church.

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Hallelujah Christmas

At the SPC Christmas party last week some of our musically gifted folks sang “Hallelujah Christmas.”  The musicians were: Chris Taylor, Avery Milz, Anna Corley, Dave Riley, and Wes Lambert. It was so beautiful!  Enjoy!


SPC Elders and Deacons 2015 by Jeff Angulo

December is always a very busy time at Surfside Presbyterian. In addition to an excellent Children’s Christmas music program, our annual Christmas Party was a great success! There was worship, fellowship, and great food. Thanks to Jerry Freidman and all of his helpers. We all enjoyed participating in the gift presentation to Joyce Cushing who has served our SPC since our beginning.

At our December congregational meeting, three new officers were elected. Mr. Gene Godfrey and Mr. Tommy Swaim will join the Session and Mr. Ricky Cox was elected to serve on the diaconate.  In addition, Mr. Robin Jeter has agreed to stay on for another year as chairman of the Deacons to help us as we are shorthanded on the diaconate for 2015. For those men that are completing their term on the session and diaconate, we thank you for your service. Please be in prayer for all of our church officers and their families as they answer God’s call to serve His Church.  All men of the church are asked to consider how they may assist the diaconate in doing their work of service to our Lord. In fact, as we begin a new year of fellowship with our Lord and our Family at Surfside, we would ask all our members to consider how you might answer God’s call to serve in some way. Contact a deacon or the church office to see how you may be able to help.

List of Elders and Deacons

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