SPC Magazine – Friday June 27, 2014

SPC News

  • Wednesday’s Farewell to Charlie & DJ Phillips by Cindy Milz
  • Senior Highs Leave for Elevate, 2014
  • Finally Tears by Charlie Phillips
  • One Way Love & the Real Meaning of Grace by Holly Alter (also an update on Holly’s health)
  • Missions Sunday – June 29: Spotlight on Rev. Ed & Emily Hartman
  • Video Farewell to Charlie & DJ


Wednesday’s Farewell to Charlie & DJ Phillips by Cindy Milz

Cindy Milz“Beautiful” is the theme song of our church’s youth group. That was very appropriate because last Wednesday night was one of the most beautiful occasions that I have seen in a long time. Our youth pastor, Charlie Phillips and his wife Dorothy Kimbrell Phillips have been at our church for three years. The Lord is now calling them to help plant a church in Mt. pleasant, SC. On Wednesday night, July 25th, Surfside Presbyterian gave them a send off dinner. (Click here to see the tribute video). After the meal, our youth were all gathered together in the front of the sanctuary with Charlie and DJ opposite them. One by one, almost every student, along with many leaders, got up and shared heartfelt testimonies of how this precious couple had so greatly impacted their lives. There was laughter and tears as they gave honor and expressed their love for Charlie and DJ. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. We at SPC have been so greatly blessed to have had Charlie and DJ ministering to, loving on, and disciplining our kids over these past few years. Their ministry has expanded far beyond our own church family as many youth from the community have come and been encouraged in their walk with Christ by this godly couple. Charlie and DJ, you will be greatly missed. We know The Lord has great things ahead for you. Thank you for pouring your hearts into our families. We love you!

The Senior Highs left for Elevate today! 

Elevate June 27 2014Please be praying for our group!  They left for Elevate this morning and by the picture you can see that they are very excited!  James Booth, our new Director of Youth Ministry can be seen in the lower left corner. He’s the bald guy with aviator sunglasses. Hint: everyone is pointing at him. (Click on picture to enlarge).  As everyone made preparations to leave, little did they realize that Charlie Phillips, our departing Director of Youth Ministry, was observing the events from a distance.  In the following article, Charlie shares some really wonderful thoughts that will encourage your heart in Christ.


Finally Tears!!! by Charlie Phillips

Charlie & DJIt finally happened this morning! You know how sometimes you have to sneeze and while you wait you get a minor headache in anticipation? That’s how I’ve felt the past few weeks as I’ve waited for the tears to form. As I passed by the church at 9am this morning I glanced over to see over 40 people hanging out by the retreat vans ready to go for camp. Some of the students were kicking around a soccer ball while others were giving each other hugs. While all were busy with something different they had one thing in common—a huge smile of excitement!  The joy of watching the students gather in anticipation of an amazing week filled with laughter, learning, worship, and the work of our amazing God gave me a profound sense of happiness in Christ. At the same time it also provided a stark reminder of what I would miss in the years to come (hence the tears)! As each tear formed I felt two distinct things. First, I felt an extreme sadness about the fact that I wouldn’t get to see our students grow up week in and week out at Surfside. I think that’s something we all take for granted from time to time, and it’s moments like these that wake us up to the gift of incremental growth in our Christian lives (and the lives of God’s children). Second, I felt the love of Christ for each and every student and leader of The Attic. Jesus loves each and every student/leader as if he or she was the only person alive (this is a paraphrase from Philip Yancey).  While the sadness I was feeling was hard to bear, the abiding love of Christ penetrated my heart and brought me an unspeakable joy! He has been sovereign during this whole process, showing His love in so many unique ways. And I think this morning I was struck by the love He has shown our church by providing a great group of leaders that love Him so so much. The icing on the cake is that Christ has also provided a new youth pastor that has an incredible devotion to Him – James Booth. Surfside Presbyterian, you just don’t know how blessed you are!  Please take a moment today to pray for your youth group, youth leaders, and your new youth pastor as they all embark on a new and epic journey towards Christ!  God is good…He is good all the time!

One Way Love & the Real Meaning of Grace by Holly Alter

Holly & RalphGood morning Surfside Pres.  I’d like to update you all on my health and share a word about God’s wonderful One Way Love.  As many of you know I am currently having trouble with a blood clot in my arm.  Next Monday I have a schedule appointment with Dr. Wonder (isn’t that a great name!) for further testing.  The doctors are still thinking that I have blockage, possibly in my lymph nodes. The swelling has gone down lots but things are still not right, so I am glad that we are moving on to uncover whatever this is. I can do nothing right now but rest and read, but think that’s what God wants me to do.  I did finish reading “One Way Love” by pastor Tullian and what a revelation!  That book has really opened my eyes to the real meaning of Grace! I was thrilled!  As I finished reading, God reminded me of a story that my granddaughter Katy shared with me recently. She had backed out of the driveway and completely demolished their mail box. Katy was fearful of what her Dad would say (she loves her Dad so much) …we all know that feeling. But what did our son do? He put his arm around her and said, “You know, I never did like that mail box anyway.” There it is! 100 per cent grace!  I quickly wrote her and reminded of this and told her to NEVER forget that moment because that is exactly what Jesus does for us! God is so good when he reminds us of moments like that.  Again, One Way Love is a marvelous book!  Thanks to you all for your love and concern. Please be praying for me on Monday as I go to Grand Strand hospital for testing at 1:30pm.  Blessings!

Missions Sunday, June 29 – Spotlight on Rev. Ed & Emily Hartman

Ed Hartman & FamilyWhen God called the Hartman’s to Romania, he didn’t just call Ed, or Ed and Emily. He called their entire family (click picture to enlarge). Ed presently serves as the leader for Team Romania. He is also a pastor, a dad, and a husband–not necessarily in that order. He is the shepherd of the MTW team working in Romania and the keeper of its vision. He is a mentor for several Romanian pastors and a trainer of leaders in the church.  Emily is a wife and a mom, in that order. She also spends time with Romanian women in Bible studies, in the kitchen, and in the community. Please be with us at SPC this Sunday as Ed preaches for SPC in what will certainly be an exciting Sunday morning!

Also, ABF Leaders, please remember to note that our ABFs will be combined this Sunday in the fellowship hall to hear from Dr. Joe Fitzpatrick, our MTW missionary to Puerto Rico.



  1. Hi, my name is Ronaldo Andre. I am a Pastor from the Presbyterian Church of Brazil working in Romanian. I would like to know more about Rev. Edward Hartman’s work with romanians. Do you think it is possible to put me in touch with him? Thank you!


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