Third Service Questions & Answers

SPC NewsAs many of you know, the time to launch our new third worship service at SPC is drawing near. We are seeing the Lord do amazing things at SPC and we are confident that He is preparing us for this change. Obviously, adding a new service will impact almost every phase of the worship experience at our church. Just to keep you in the loop, listed below are some questions that many of you may be asking. Please look these questions over carefully and let us know what you think.  Here they are:

1. When is the start date for the new worship service schedule?
We will start a “soft launch” on Easter Sunday, April 20. Three services, but no ABFs, will be offered on that Sunday. On April 27, we will launch our new ABF schedule.

2. What will be the nature and start times of each service?
8:00 am /   Contemporary Acoustic (Chris Taylor & Avery Milz leading)
9:30 am /   Contemporary Praise Band (Chris Taylor leading with the Praise Band)
11:00 am / Traditional (Becky Nissen leading with Choir, Organ, Brass, & Strings)

3. What will the new ABF Schedule look like on April 27?
click on the picture below to see enlarged schedule

ABF Schedule Spring 2014
4. What will the preaching schedule be like?
Every week pastor Riddle will take 2 services and pastors Melton and Woodall will take the other. Because we are encouraging our members to be faithful to a worship time and not to a particular pastor, we will not be communicating a specific preaching schedule. The pastoral team will all be preaching from the same passage each week.

5. Will we have a refreshment time between each service?
No. We will continue to offer only one “all-church” refreshment time in the fellowship hall at 10:30.

6. Will a nursery and children’s ministry be offered at the 8am hour?
Yes. There will be a full nursery and children’s ministry program at each service.  The children’s ministry schedule will change to this new format:
8am / Children’s Church
9:30am / Sunday School
11am / Children’s Church
Please contact Renee and Jackie if you would like to help out or if you have any further questions. We will especially need volunteer help at the new SS hour of 9:30.

7. Will the Youth & College meet at a different SS hour?
Yes. All the youth and college students will attend the 9:30am service and then have their SS time at 11am.  Along with this, We have also decided to go ahead and move up our current 6th graders into The Attic starting April 27.  This means that our beloved 6th graders will join us for Sunday School (times and location TBA very soon) and for small groups, which will begin on April 30 in The Attic.  We typically move the 6th graders up during the summer, but we feel it would better serve these students to have a more extended time with the youth group before going to summer camp.  Over the years a number of our new 6th grade attendees didn’t feel comfortable going to Kulaqua because they felt they didn’t know enough people going on the trip.  By moving them up a little earlier we can remedy that problem!  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Charlie Phillips anytime!

8. Should I prayerfully consider attending the 8am worship service?
Absolutely! That would be great! In no way do we want to coerce anyone to attend a worship service that they are not comfortable with. So please, don’t feel pressured. However, if you feel that Christ would call you to help us provide “critical mass” at the 8am service, then we would be delighted to have you join us at that hour!

9. Does starting a third service mean that SPC is deciding not to build?
No. As of now, we are still feeling strongly that Christ would call us to build. However, we need more space now. Starting this new service will prayerfully give us more room to grow while we continue to plan and prepare to build.

11. With this change, will the hall between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall magically grow wider?
No. Unfortunately not. You will still be asked to pleasantly and awkwardly wrestle through your brothers and sisters at SPC to get where you need to go. But, evidently this hall is designed by Christ to force us to be a “close” congregation. Thanks be to Christ for all things! Even for narrow hallways!


So, these are some of the big things, but we are sure there are many more questions you may want to ask. If there are, please comment on this post or contact Tim Melton at 843 997-8862 /

Thanks again for your much needed support and prayers!!!!

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