New Third Service at SPC

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Over the past couple of months I have had the privilege, honor, and daunting task of serving on the newly formed Worship Committee at SPC with five wonderful and wise members of our church. Along with our standing mandate from the session to pray for, support, and encourage our worship ministry, we were also immediately tasked to study and make a recommendation for adding a third worship service opportunity for our people and for our community at large. We prayerfully established five goals that would guide us in this process.

For the glory of God in worship at Surfside Presbyterian Church, the Worship Committee endeavors:

  • To relieve overcrowding at our worship services and provide room for growth
  • To maintain a distinctive reformed quality in our worship services regardless of the particular style
  • To grow and improve the quality of our contemporary service by offering a worship style that provides appealing opportunities for younger participants and engages worshippers across a wide spectrum of age and culture.
  • To grow and improve the quality of our traditional service by offering a worship style that is time-honored and transcendent.
  • To allow for additional ABFs by maximizing available time slots.

After much work and prayer, the committee decided on a recommendation that was unanimously received by the session. On Sunday night, January 27, 2014, SPC held an informational meeting where our chairman Sid Connor revealed our plan to the congregation. We still have much work to do in “ironing out” the details, but we have established the basic plan. In addition to our current services, we will be adding a contemporary service that will be held in the early morning hour – at 8:00 or 8:15am. We know it is asking a lot, but we would love to see 50-100 worshipers join us at this early hour and attend an ABF at the second hour. Our target date is May 2014. Certainly this change will challenge us all – our staff, pastors, and support volunteers will have an extra burden placed upon them as these changes are made. Would you please pray for us? Would you also pray about your role in helping us as we move toward implementing this new service?

The following are just a few areas where we need prayer and support:

  • The worship committee, paid worship staff, and volunteers need prayer for strength and flexibility.
  • Especially at the early hour, we will need more volunteers for the nursery, the children’s ministry, the welcoming team, and for the hospitality team that prepares our morning refreshments.
  • The pastoral team needs prayer as we strategize and implement a rotating preaching schedule.
  • We need prayer for increased giving as adding a new service may incur additional costs
  • We need prayer that many in our congregation would “mission-ally” consider attending the early morning service in order to free up space at our other services.
  • We need prayer that Christ will grow our services and our church, especially through those who may come to us by a new profession of faith.

I’m sure there are many more items we could add, but maybe at the top of the list we should emphasize the need to pray for patience and love. Without question, whenever changes are made there is always room for criticism and frustration to set in. Please don’t allow that to happen. Pray against the evil one (his name is not worthy to be capitalized)! He hates it when the Living God is worshipped, so we should expect the enemy to attack anything we do to improve the exaltation of our Great King. Again, please pray for us and consider how you may serve SPC in the exciting days ahead.

By the mercies of Christ,

Tim Melton, January 27 2014

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